רחל בר יוסף-דדון פסיכולוגית קלינית

Love and rest

The beatles sang this song, “All you need is love.
We, actually, sing this song every day of our lives: “all we need is love”.
We work because we need to survive, but also because we need love.
We need our childrens’ love. Our husbands’ love. Our wives’ love.
We even need our pets’ love. Our plants in the flowerpots’ love.
And don’t forget, please, our patients’ and pupils’ and employees’ love, too. And of course, our colleagues’ love… How could I forget that love?
So much love we need.
And it’s o.k. to need all that love. It’s normal and healthy to need love. We can survive all that need for love. We can.
We just have to give ourselves some rest, sometimes.
That’s all.
Yes, we need love to survive. But we also need some rest and fun and also food – in order to relax, and keep on searching fot giving and recieving love.
Thaks for reading me,