a motivation for empathy

a motivation for empathy

Men can be empathic and understanding if they love the woman and want her. Even though Men are not equipped biologically and culturally for being very empathic – their love and attraction to their woman can help them to acquire those qualities.

" I need you", sang the "America" band, "like the flower  needs  the rain, you know, I need you…"

a man's foot
a man's foot

I need you, Honey,  too.

We all need our husbands to listen to us.

That is the one of the biggest problems the women have those days.

The women are supposed to be Men's friends those days. Not only the providers of food and money and house-cleaning, but also to be their man's friend and partner. And the women want and expect the men to be their best friend, too.

But are men equipped today to be best woman's friend?

A lot of man are not equipped to be the women's best friends.

Chodorov, a psychologist and a feminist, wrote about it. The author of "The masculine brain" wrote about it.

Men are equipped quite well for fighting.

They are also equipped for listening and being empathic, but not that good, sometimes, as women are equipped for empathic listenin.


It's also a motivational issue.

If you love your wife and you want her, you will be motivated to be empathic.

If you do not love her that much – you will find little empathy in yourself.

So – Motivation.

It is about motivation, after all.

Not only biology. Genes. Education.

It is just about love and desire the other person – that is helping you to become motivated to be empathic and understanding.

Is it sad?

I am not sure it is.

Better knowing the facts than not knowing them, isn't it?

I will goodbye you,

Hoping men and women will get as good as possible for everybody's sake


Rachel Bar-Yossef-Dadon

A clinical psychologist

And the author of  "93 tools for happiness"