The first hello

The first hello

Well, nice to meet you people…

that's me...
that's me

I am Rachel Bar-Yossef-Dadon, and I am a clinical psychologist from Israel.

It's an adventure for me to write English… I'm sure I'll have mistakes… But you can tell me about those mistakes, you know…

I write English because I want to communicate. And I'm sure you'll understand me, even though my English is a bit clumsy.

I will write to you here about feelings. And about love. And about sadness. And about myself, a bit. I guess I will also write about how it is to live in this country, Israel. And about war, and peace. About hate, and violence, and misunderstandings.

I hope you will read me. I hope I will touch your soul, somehow. I hope I can read your writing and opinions. I hope you will touch my soul.

Because this is what communication is about, I guess: Meeting. Touching each other's souls sometimes. Resting. And getting a bit close again. Getting to know each other maybe even better.

And then growing up a bit personally by these enrichments. Spreading out these wonderful and inspiring enlightments to other people, too. Making their souls move, too. Till finally a bunch of people are full with some special light…

Well, don't consider it just a New-Age stuff writing… Too sweet, too banal or too innocent to the horrors of life.

I have just described special events that can happen. The researcher and psychologist Daniel Stern has described them beautifully and accurately – those moments of meeting, that fulfill us with hope.

This is Look, our cat
This is Look, our cat

So I hope we can create moments of meeting through the Internet.

So forgive my English. Forgive my innocence. Forgive my not knowing everything. Forgive even my being sad or frightened sometimes…

Just read me when you can. Just communicate me as we communicated the wonderful poet Shlonsky, who wrote Hebrew in Israel in the 20th century even though it wasn't his native language. But still he touched our souls and humor with his unforgettable poems and plays.

And another last issue: I will add my photos to the posts. That's an emotional and international way to communicate. It's not verbal. It goes under the intellectual cortex brain of ours… But it is touching, a lot…

And as I wrote before – that is all about, isn't it?! Touching. Succeeding to touch. And then getting far, to relax and digest. And touching again.

I wish you all good and understanding.

Rachel Bar-Yossef-Dadon

Clinical Psychologist