The impossible

The impossible

                                                        it is sad


We cannot get all we want. It is frustrating, annoying.

We are angry at the world, for not supplying us what we wanted, what we dreamed of.

But mostly we are angry at ourselves.

Why weren't we brave enough to go forward towards what we wanted?

Why aren't we diligent enough to work and achieve our goals?

Very often people  blame themselves.

They blame their fears, their hesitations, their inhibitions.

And we have sometimes nothing to do except surrendering to the limitations.

To the imperfect nature of the world. To squeak your teeth and to keep on living with this imperfect and limiting world and self of ours.

And maybe one day, one morning – there will be some little change. Some relief. One relief. Or two.

And we will be happier.

Until the next frustration. Limitation. Narrowing.

Until we contract our lips again in anger.

To be released again in some understanding, and acceptance, and some smile.

The smile of peacefulness. The sigh of understanding and maturity.